Row chair that can choose shell color as you want strong structure comes with a tray

Waiting bench comes with a tray that you can choose the position by yourself

Ergonomics design waiting bench for comfortable sitting

Bench that uses steel to replace wood and combined with Practika's technology

Modern bench for waiting area with a distinctive but simple design

Waiting bench is large, curved shape, can sit many people, with power outlet and USB charger

Choose your chair for waiting area simple design suitable for decoration in many area

Minimal style combined with real rattan backrest that is unique and distinctive

Bench for waiting area or used as a seat in restaurant and decorate at the same time

Bench for outdoor area suitable for decoration and use in different areas perfectly

A semi-outdoor bench with a swing design will help create a fun and relaxing atmosphere in your space

Semi-outdoor bench brings the classics to modern design

Row chair that you can choose colour as you want and can be used in a variety of areas

Row chair that you can customized accessories as you want

Bench with the structure made of metal. Distinctive with mosque arch-patterned backrest

A stylish modern design seat