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Manufactured with medical grade material,
safe and easy to clean
With the innovation of production, designed furniture
can serve fully functional usage in the examination
room, laboratory, patient’s room, reception
and waiting area including other medical Facilities

Prasat Neurological

Furniture for hospital is important to staff, doctors and nurses in order to providing the convenience of examining patients with fully functional usage, the dispensing room with medicine cabinet, sink counter, meeting rooms including doctors
and nurses’ relax rooms.

Our Values


Quick to install

helping facilities open faster and generaterevenue in a short time.


Medical grade

With the innovation of production


Easy to clean

With surface and materials efficiency


Facilitate in the examinatio

With adaptive furniture


Improve patient experiences

With quality of atmosphere


Convenience for relatives

With adjustable furniture


Durable and flexible

With specific materials


Warranty and spare parts

With professional support team



By using Stainless steel for drawers or hinges, so
that when used them to manufacture with furniture
will not rust.

Increasing Efficiency
Delivery of Care

Design furniture as modular that is a variety of use and durable for the hospital.

Reducing Risk
of Contamination/Infection

Designed Furniture to concern about the corner that are the source of the dust and cause of disease.

Improving Communication

Design furniture to be convenient for doctors to use medical device and communication with patients.

Laboratory Room

Laboratory usually feature specialized equipment
designed to make it easy for scientist or researchers
to perform their work such as laboratory tables, sink units,
chemical cabinets, drawers and general lockers.
And using different types of materials depending
on the chemical resistance requirement.

Examination Room

Facilitate the doctor in the patient’s
examination to ease health checkup
and explain the case to patient

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