30 years ago, Practika have developed system furniture for wardrobe called “Built-in system 1”, which still used in most of the project in Thailand. Currently, Practika have continued supply furniture for high-end condominium in Thailand & neighboring countries.

A private residence, which located at Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Printed an inkjet pattern of the famous Pha That Luang stupa at the headboard of the bed.

A serviced apartment which used white, black and red to create an image of modernity

Modern yet dignified units complete with functional furniture suitable for families.

A furniture set designed to make the most use of a small space with many corners.

A simple kitchen set design for a block of condominiums in the suburbs of Bangkok.

The specific requirements from the designer required to utilize the capability of our machinery.

Functional and makes good use of space in an area suitable in size for those starting a family.

Used different production techniques in order to meet the concept requirements.