30 years ago, Practika have developed system furniture for wardrobe called “Built-in system 1”, which still used in most of the project in Thailand. Currently, Practika have continued supply furniture for high-end condominium in Thailand & neighboring countries.

Khun Amnuay Private Residence

Khun Komson Private Residence

Medical staffs dormitory which provided all essential furniture for living.

The room for 2 person, installed with a partition to make the space more private.

The furniture for this dormitory designed to have fully equipped with variety of furniture.

A private residence, which located at Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Printed an inkjet pattern of the famous Pha That Luang stupa at the headboard of the bed.

A serviced apartment which used white, black and red to create an image of modernity

A furniture set designed to make the most use of a small space with many corners.