We studied the new era of education by reading, school visiting, insight interview and kid’s behavior observation etc. Our big idea is ” TOOLS FOR LEARNING ” because we trust education furniture should serve more than function.

Our Values



Safety is the most important thing to been considered for choosing educational furniture, especially for kids.



Allowing students move the furniture by themselves easily and create an independent learning environment.



The furniture which able to move for usage flexibility and making it a good alternative for learning in this era.



The good way to manage space easily and allows to use the space more efficiently.

Durable and flexible


It needs to support several usage scenario, different ages of user and generally the educational furniture must be used for public.

Easy to clean


Sleek design and made of easy-to-clean materials.

We provide tools for learning

for any area in school


We trust everywhere in school is

“Tools for Learning” for kids. So we provide our

education furniture in many categories.




















Our Clients

















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