Practika has its root in office furniture since 1986. With a base of understanding design & planning, our office furniture has been recognized as one of the most innovative furniture by leading designers in Thailand.

We can help you with material selection match with usage, tailor made furniture to each hospital function.

30 years ago, Practika have developed system furniture for wardrobe called ``Built-in system 1``, which still used in most of the project in Thailand. Currently, Practika have continued supply furniture for high-end condominium in Thailand & neighboring countries.

Retail furniture designed to meet the needs of the shop. It will help to make the products in the store more interesting and attractive.

We can respond to the requirements of a variety of interior decorations and exceeds the capability and quality of hand-made work.

Practika has worked with architects in government sector to develop furniture model that has changed the looks of government furniture forever.

Together with designers and professors in the university, we create furniture that help stimulate learning process in classroom and library.

Service Solutions is a business unit of Practika Co., Ltd. which operate the business related to furniture removal, relocation, modification, repair and extension sevice