STUDIO-O is part of Practika’s system furniture which integrates industrial customized conceptual design to fulfill not only specific functional needs but also create corporate identity for each customer. Nowadays, the production and installation lead-time are considered as an important factor of decision making. This reason had inspired the idea to bring Studio-O as part of our FAST LANE SERIES.


  • Top: Particle board coating with melamine resin film.
  • Worktops Edge: Slant Edge / Straight Edge.
  • Screen: Special Fabric which is water repellent and varieties of screen colours.
  • Leg: Forming steel structure manufactured 100% in Practika factory is coated with the same standard bio-chemical epoxy colour.
  • Drawer: Support drawer under to worktop also provided if needed.
  • Studio-O Product Family: Manager and Supervisor Workstation/ Staff Workstation